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Forex Analytics Trading System

The currency market is a global marketplace that works on the basis of a standard set of currencies that are commonly traded. The EUR/USD currency pair is the most popular in the global currency market, despite coming with some challenges. In this article we’ll break down the history of this relationship, both its benefits and […]

What Are the Basics of Forex Trading?

A Forex trading account, also called a Forex broker account or Forex brokerage account, is typically used to trade and hold currency. In general, you first open an account with a broker, usually by filling out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, deposit funds into the account, and then purchase and sell […]

Do the Swiss Francs Move in the U.S.?

The EUR/US Dollar (eur/US dollar), the CHF/USD (chf/usd) and the USD/JPY (usd/ky) are all similar currency pairs, with the exception of the CHF/JPY. In the case of the CHF, the strong relationship between Switzerland and the European Union is the main reason why the Swiss have been trading their currency so much more with the […]

The Importance of Forex Analytics

Currency trading has become so lucrative that people from all over the world are trying to get involved in forex trading. This is because currency trading is a very profitable business that can give the investor enormous returns. However, it is important to understand the basics of forex trading before you take any chances. First […]

Forex Trading System – Can You Profit With the PPO

Most people enjoy trading in the forex (foreign exchange) market because it only takes the smallest amount of money to get started in day trading in the currency markets. Forex trading is highly volatile and an untrained individual can lose large sums of money in a relatively short period of time. However, the following scenario […]

Forex Analytics Is a Must For Any New Currency Trader

Forex Analytics Is a Must For Any New Currency Trader The US dollar/EUR currency pair, or simply called ‘Swissy’, is quite popular within the forex trading world despite coming with some inherent challenges. This article will detail the history of this relationship, and provide a few reasons why you should use this form of currency […]

Forex Analytics – Forex Psychology

Forex Analytics – Forex Psychology The EUR / USD currency pair is replicated by a short position in both EUR/USD (the U.S dollar/Swiss Franc) and in EUR / CHF (Swiss currency/U.S dollar). While the EUR / USD relationship has been strong over the past two years, there have also been negative events in which the […]

What Makes POFIT Different From Other Software for Forex Trading?

When you think of Forex trading, what comes to mind? Maybe that’s the question you need to ask yourself, if you’re interested in taking part in Forex trading. I mean, who wouldn’t? After all, if you know a lot about trading Forex, you’ll have the power of predicting the trends and making wise investments. But, […]

Using Forex Analytics To Make Your Foreign Currency Trading Profits Stronger

The CHF/USD (chf/usd) can be imitated by a long trade in CHF/USD (chf/usd) and long positions in CHF/USD (chf/swiss franc) and a short trade in USD/USD (USD/chf). The USD/chf/USD relationship is slightly stronger than the relationship between the euro and Swiss franc due to the very close bond between Switzerland and the eurozone. This is […]

Forex Analytics – Using Forex Analytics For Better Trading Decisions

Forex Analytics – Using Forex Analytics For Better Trading Decisions Many financial investors commonly seek an income by investing in the value of a certain financial instrument, including the value of a particular stock, the price of a particular commodity, or even the market value of an international currency. This relative value is generally expressed […]