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How Do You Know Which Currency Pair to Trade?

If you have an interest in the foreign exchange market, one of the first strategies you will probably employ is the pairing of currencies that mirrors your own financial interests. Most traders use the EUR/CHF pair in this regard. The EUR/USD is known as the currency of choice because it is widely considered a safe […]

Tips For Starting Out With Forex Trading

Tips For Starting Out With Forex Trading Many new traders have found success in forex trading by using their online broker’s demo account. While this can be a good way to get acquainted with forex, you should not use it exclusively. You will still need a brokerage account of some kind. Some traders use their […]

Trading Charts – How to Interpret Movement in Currencies

Trading Charts – How to Interpret Movement in Currencies General overview of the USD/CAD currency pair: The USD and CAD are the world’s two leading international currency pairs. CAD is the currency of Canada, the United States and some other developed countries. The main functions of CAD are as a leading economic and standard measurement […]

Forex Trading – Learn How To Make Profit With Forex Trading

Forex Trading – Learn How To Make Profit With Forex Trading Forex trading is a way of buying and selling currencies. Most of Forex trading occurs in the foreign exchange market, which is otherwise called the foreign currency exchange market. The currency exchanged here is not real money, but rather an exchange of currency values. […]

Currency Trading Strategies

The EUR/CHF exchange rate represents the value of the US dollar paired with the Euro. It is largely affected by the economic policies of European demand and supply for the single currency and interest rates. This usually means that the EUR/CHF will move either up or down depending on the status of the interest rates […]

Forex Trading – How to Increase Profits

For anyone who has never heard of Forex trading, here is a simple introduction. Currencies are constantly traded in pairs, such as the US dollar with the British pound or the euro with the US dollar, etc. With constant global price movements this highly volatile market can indeed make some people, businesses and financial institutions […]

Is Forex Day Trading Right For You?

Is Forex Day Trading Right For You? How Much Money Does it Take to Make Forex Trading a Lifestyle For You? It used to be that only investors with extensive business experience were able to make forex trading a full-time living. But as forex markets have evolved into a more global marketplace, small to medium-sized […]

Forex Analytics Trading System

The currency market is a global marketplace that works on the basis of a standard set of currencies that are commonly traded. The EUR/USD currency pair is the most popular in the global currency market, despite coming with some challenges. In this article we’ll break down the history of this relationship, both its benefits and […]

What Are the Basics of Forex Trading?

A Forex trading account, also called a Forex broker account or Forex brokerage account, is typically used to trade and hold currency. In general, you first open an account with a broker, usually by filling out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, deposit funds into the account, and then purchase and sell […]

Do the Swiss Francs Move in the U.S.?

The EUR/US Dollar (eur/US dollar), the CHF/USD (chf/usd) and the USD/JPY (usd/ky) are all similar currency pairs, with the exception of the CHF/JPY. In the case of the CHF, the strong relationship between Switzerland and the European Union is the main reason why the Swiss have been trading their currency so much more with the […]