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Forex Analytics – The Basic Facts About Currency

Currency is an essential part of global commerce. It allows people to determine the relative value of goods and services. It was first used in ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt, money was a bundle of commonly purchased items, and grain was the store of value. Later, the Egyptians started using coins, bills, and paper money […]

Which Currency pairs Make You Money?

The EUR/USD is known as the ‘Swissie’ currency pair. The Swiss Franc is no longer in circulation in Europe. CHF is shortened for ‘Confoederatrice Helvetica’ and represents the national economy of the largely neutral international country context in the middle of Europe. It functions as the fourth largest currency in terms of a pips amount […]

Forex Trading Advice For Newbie Traders

Forex trading has been hailed as the ultimate last great trading frontier left open to the uninitiated, the only market in which an inexperienced small trader with perhaps a tiny bit of trading capital actually can hope to make a real fortune. But it’s also the most actively traded by large international investors, employing billions […]

Forex Trading Correlations

Traders use forex analytics for one reason: to make money by trading forex! Traders use different forms of forex analysis to determine the most profitable currency pairs to trade in. The US dollar and the British pound are two popularly known as the US Dollar and the Euro respectively. More specifically, traders are interested in […]

Investing In Forex Trading – 4 Things You Must Learn First

Investing In Forex Trading – 4 Things You Must Learn First Forex trading is the process of exchanging one type of currency for another. It is done by making periodic exchanges between two currencies. Forex deals with trade of currencies rather than stock, commodity or bond trades. Most of Forex trading occurs in the foreign […]

Foreign Market Currency Trading Strategies

In recent times, the Swiss government introduced a unique scheme to encourage investors to put their money in Swiss securities. The Swiss National Bank (SMB) has been trying to attract investors to its foreign portfolio. The aim is to strengthen the Swiss Franc as much as possible and eventually reverse decades of negative economic trend. […]

How Much Money Can You Make From Forex Trading?

If you’re just starting out in the Forex markets, you might be thinking that Forex trading is some easy ride. Some easy. When I first started trading, I was thinking exactly that. But as I kept winning trades and adding new ones, I realized something: Forex trading is not easy at all. In fact, it’s […]

How to Identify Which Currency to Trade With

How to Identify Which Currency to Trade With The currency pairs of the free world are the major international currencies traded on the Forex market. This is because they are used to indicate the value of a particular currency in the current market. This value is converted from the current exchange rate to the foreign […]

Forex Trading – Avoid Forex Scams to Make Wise Buying and Selling Decisions

When a trader first begins Forex trading it can be very daunting. Many new traders don’t know how to choose their broker, where to place their trades, what currency pairs to trade, and they often get frustrated with the learning curve. There is a lot to learn when you are just beginning in Forex. One […]

Forex Trading – How To Identify Strong Euro And US Dollar Currencies

Forex Trading – How To Identify Strong Euro And US Dollar Currencies The Swiss Federal Bank has established the Swiss National Bank as the agent for foreign exchange trade of Switzerland. The Swiss National Bank acts as an independent monetary authority, acting on behalf of the Swiss People and acting on their behalf in relation […]